Jun 5, 2024

Nelly & Nadine

Nelly & Nadine (2024)

Nelly och Nadine

Nelly and Nadine meet in Ravensbrück concentration camp. They spend the rest of their lives together. Decades later, Nelly’s granddaughter goes in search of clues. A poignant film about a love story and the need for individual and collective remembrance.


Mar 23, 2024

ABBA: Against the Odds

This year marks the 50th anniversary of ABBA’s iconic Eurovision victory, a milestone that calls for a celebratory cinematic tribute fitting for the ultimate pop band. ‘ABBA: Against the Odds’ unveils the epic journey of ABBA’s rise to global fame. Starting with the moment they won Eurovision, it tells the story of how they overcame critical backlash, societal attitudes and marital break-up to deliver their ground-breaking music and prove themselves as a live act.


Jan 6, 2024

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Nov 14, 2023

Russian Gas and the Nenets

Russian Gas and the Nenets (2023)

Gaz russe, la dernière route des Nenets

In the heart of the Arctic, the Yamal peninsula is the world’s largest gas exploitation zone, a symbol of Russia’s energy hyperpower, which caused the appetite of oil corporations. But the Yamal peninsula is also the ancestral home of the Nenets, who have been pasturing here with their droves for over 200 generations. Every year the nomads undertake a journey of 1500 km. But for how much longer can they survive? Today in Yamal, pastures have given way to gas fields. Growing towns, a railway, an airport, the deep scars on the landscape caused by extraction of gas and oil, and the new nuclear-powered icebreakers, which will create busy shipping lanes in the Arctic, are all changing the local ecosystem. With the industry dramatically modifying the landscape, accelerating the effects of global warming, the Nenets way of life is under threat. The documentary gives a unique insight into a vanishing way of life, enhanced by stunning aerial footage, and rare access to an extraordinary people.


Feb 2, 2023


Marius and Kitty have been living in Italy for some time now, where they managed to get their hands on a vineyard in Tuscany. Marius has improved his life, so Hugo leaves in good spirits to drop off his daughter Suus with best friend Chrissie for a long-awaited reunion. But something is wrong with the purchase of the vineyard.


Apr 30, 2021


Theatre film based on the debut novel of french writer Gustave Flaubert. Performances by Maaike Neuville and Koen De Sutter at KVS, Brussels.


Jan 7, 2021

Hi My Name Is Jonny Polonsky

A documentary about Jonny Polonsky, a rockstar who just can't seem to make it big. Made by his most loyal fan.


Jan 2, 2021

30 Jaar Samson & Gert

Gert says goodbye to Samson after 30 years. Well-known and unknown fans look back on the career of Samson & Gert, and of course music should not be missed.


Dec 15, 2020

Bureau 39: Kim's Cash Machine

Bureau 39: Kim's Cash Machine (2020)

Büro 39 - Nordkoreas schwarze Kassen

How is it possible that North Korea, one of the poorest countries on earth finances a nuclear weapons program large enough to challenge the USA? The answer: Bureau 39, a legendary organization nestled deep inside the government apparatus. Its aim is to procure foreign exchange by any means possible to provide Kim Jong-un’s regime with money.


Jan 21, 2020

Megafires: The Global Threat

Megafires: The Global Threat (2020)

Incendies géants : enquête sur un nouveau fléau

For more than a decade, wildfires of unprecedented force have been devouring our lives, homes and forests at a steady pace. Each year, 350 million hectares of forest go up in smoke, the equivalent of six times the size of France. In the US, the fire season now lasts up to two months longer than a generation ago, and the surface burnt annually has multiplied by three. This film sets out on a gripping journey of investigation from Europe to the US, Canada, Brazil and Indonesia to follow the work of a global team of dedicated firefighters, scientists and fire experts as they investigate why our forests are going up in flames, and act on an unexpected discovery: if we want to save our forests, homes, health and our climate, we need to radically change our attitude towards fire and the way we fight wildfires.


Feb 7, 2019

Cold Case Hammarskjöld

Ndola, Northern Rhodesia (currently Zambia), September 18th, 1961. Swedish Dag Hammarskjöld, UN Secretary-General, mysteriously dies in a plane crash. Decades later, Danish journalist and filmmaker Mads Brügger and Swedish researcher Göran Björkdahl investigate the case looking for a definitive closure.


Sep 20, 2017

The Eagle and the Lion: Hitler vs Churchill

The Eagle and the Lion: Hitler vs Churchill (2017)

Hitler et Churchill : le combat de l'aigle et du lion

Winston Churchill, one of the most revered men of the twentieth century. Adolf Hitler, one of the most hated leaders in contemporary history. Between 1940 and 1945, these two enormously contradictory personalities faced each other in both politics and war. A clash of giants whose story begins in the trenches of the World War I and ends with the debacle of the World War II.


Feb 26, 2014


Stef moved to a new home, but there is another man in his home, Theo. Theo is the previous owner of the house, he died a few years ago. Stef seems to be the only one who can see him.


Jan 1, 2014


Recording of a performance by Ballet de l'Opéra national de Paris of the ballet on Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich, choreographed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.