ARTE France Cinéma

ARTE France Cinéma


Nov 6, 2024

An Honest Woman (2024)

Une chose et son contraire

Joan, no longer in love, leaves her partner Victor, the father of her daughter. Joan is convinced her decision is morally justified, but it comes back to bite her when Victor subsequently disappears, leaving her overwhelmed with guilt. Her best friend Alice, for her part, is an advocate for marriages of convenience, relationships devoid of love but built upon affection, which she finds more bearable than passionate love. But Joan’s friend Rebecca sees love as an adventure, and is involved in a secret relationship with Alice’s partner. These are three close women who are light years apart in their attitudes and moral beliefs. Three women who try to defend their ideas and assert their choices.


Sep 25, 2024

Vivre, mourir, renaître

Emma loves Sammy, who loves Cyril, who loves her back. What could have been a love story at the end of the last century is blown apart by the arrival of AIDS. Expecting the worst, each character's destiny takes an unexpected turn.


Sep 11, 2024

Foreign Language

Foreign Language (2024)

Langue étrangère

Fanny, a shy and lonely teenager, goes on a language exchange to Germany. In Leipzig, she meets her pen pal, Lena, a teenager eager to become politically active. Fanny is troubled. To win over Lena, she invents a life for herself, to the extent of becoming trapped in her lies.


Aug 30, 2024

The Other Way Around

After 15 years together, Ale and Alex have an idea that might seem absurd: to organize a party to celebrate their breakup. This announcement leaves their loved ones perplexed, but they remain firm in their decision to separate. Or maybe not?


Aug 14, 2024

Jim's Story

Jim's Story (2024)

Le Roman de Jim

Aymeric, Jim's stepfather, met Florence, his mother, when she was six months pregnant. All three lead a happy life in the Jura until the biological father, Christophe, returns following a personal tragedy. Aymeric no longer finds his place and, estranged from the child, he decides to leave to make his life elsewhere. But years later, Jim, 23, knocked on Aymeric's door.


Jul 17, 2024

Eat the Night

Young drug dealer Pablo and his sister Appoline bond over an online game called Darknoon. Pablo falls for Night, neglecting his sister. While Appoline finishes the game, Pablo and Night become embroiled in a dangerous gang conflict.


Jul 3, 2024

Ghost Trail

Hamid, is part of a secret group pursuing the Syrian regime’s fugitive leaders. His mission takes him to France, on the trail of his former torturer whom he must confront. Based on true events.


Jun 5, 2024

The Little Escapade

The Little Escapade (2024)

La Petite Vadrouille

To overcome their financial problems, Justine, her husband and their whole group of friends organize a fake romantic cruise for Franck, a big investor, who is trying to seduce a woman.


May 29, 2024

The Belle From Gaza

They had a fleeting vision one night during the filming of Mr. Beautiful. One of them told Selim Nassib in Arabic that she had walked from Gaza to become a transsexual in Tel Aviv. I called her La Belle de Gaza. With my camera, I looked for her everywhere.


May 24, 2024

The Seed of the Sacred Fig

The Seed of the Sacred Fig (2024)

دانه انجیر مقدس

Iman, an investigating judge in the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, grapples with mistrust and paranoia as nationwide political protests intensify and his gun mysteriously disappears. Suspecting the involvement of his wife Najmeh and his daughters Rezvan and Sana, he imposes drastic measures at home, causing tensions to rise. Step by step, social norms and the rules of family life are being suspended.


May 24, 2024

Saturn Return

At the end of the 90s, Granada is in the middle of a cultural boom. Los Planetas, the cult Spanish rock band, is about to break up. Mario, a young music-loving student, is the privileged witness of this imminent break-up. Plunged into the heart of their tensions, he will play a role in the mythical history of this group.


May 23, 2024

All We Imagine As Light

In Mumbai, Nurse Prabha's routine is troubled when she receives an unexpected gift from her estranged husband. Her younger roommate, Anu, tries in vain to find a spot in the city to be intimate with her boyfriend. A trip to a beach town allows them to find a space for their desires to manifest.


May 22, 2024


What does it mean, to go to the movies? Why have people been going for over one hundred years? I set out to celebrate movie theaters and their manifold magic. So I walked in the footsteps of young Paul Dédalus, as if in a filmgoer’s coming-of-age story. Memories, fiction, discoveries come together in an irrepressible torrent of pictures.


May 20, 2024


This is about 31 year-old Jérémie who returns to Saint-Martial in the Massif Central region for an old friend’s funeral. In this village where so much goes unsaid, he must contend with rumours and suspicion, until he commits an irreparable act and finds himself at the centre of a police investigation.


May 18, 2024

Visiting Hours (2024)

La prisonnière de Bordeaux

The unlikely friendship between two women whose husbands are in prison. A meeting between a courageous young mother and a refined bourgeois woman. What brings them together? The hardships? Loneliness? One will help the other. Or maybe it’s the other way around


May 16, 2024

In His Own Image

Fragments from the life of Antonia, a young photographer working for Corse-Matin in Ajaccio. Her commitment, her friends and her loves are interwoven with the major events in the island's political history, from the 1980s to the dawn of the 21st century.


Feb 7, 2024

The Beast

In the not too distant future, a woman attempts to undergo a mind-altering procedure to erase her feelings of unhappiness and trauma.


Jan 21, 2024


A cowboy arrives in a village in search of his daughter, a native policewoman arrests various offenders in a snowy landscape, while her niece, a basketball coach, reunites with her grandfather for a decisive journey that will shape her future, a bird flies through time and space and begins to enter the minds and dreams of a native tribe in a the Amazon forest.


Jan 20, 2024

To Beat a Dead Horse

To Beat a Dead Horse (2024)

La Mort du Petit Cheval

Gab was thrown out of the flat by her mother. In the hustle and bustle of Paris she now searches for an apartment.


Dec 20, 2023

Antarctica Calling

Antarctica Calling (2023)

Voyage au Pôle Sud

The few thousand kilometers that separate Patagonia from the South Pole are a fascinating and hypnotic journey for explorers. Some even speak of an addiction, 'the Antarctic bite'. March of the Penguins (2005) director Luc Jacquet has been experiencing it for 30 years. His new film is a visually-striking adventure, offering us images beyond words, an ultimate tribute to a vanishing continent.