MLD Films

Apr 17, 2024

The Island

Rosa and her gang have decided to spend the night on “the island”, a stretch of beach that has become their kingdom. It’s the last evening of the summer, the summer of our eighteenth birthdays, the time to experience everything, the time to say goodbye.


Jul 20, 2022


Since the death of Jesus, Mary Magdalene has withdrawn from the world. Her hair has turned white, she eats berries, drinks water from the rain and sleeps among the trees. Alone in the heart of the forest, she remembers her lost love. She looks for a way to find him.


Nov 20, 2019

Isadora's Children

Isadora's Children (2019)

Les enfants d'Isadora

Following the death of her two children, Isadora Duncan created the solo Mother in which a mother cradles her child in a moment of extreme tenderness, then lets it go. A century later, four women encounter this heart-rending dance.


Aug 10, 2014

A Young Poet

A Young Poet (2014)

Un jeune poète

Barely out of his teens, Rémi dreams of becoming a poet and thrilling the world with his powerful and unforgettable verse. Seeking inspiration in the oppressively hot city of Sète, pen and notebook in hand, Rémi is determined to write his poem... But where to begin? By spending hours contemplating the sea? Climbing a mountain? Listening to the birds singing? Going to the library? Finding his muse? In bars? In the cemetery? Underwater? And if none of that works, then by drinking, drinking and drinking some more until that spark of inspiration strikes.