May 1, 2024

Nov 14, 2023

Russian Gas and the Nenets

Russian Gas and the Nenets (2023)

Gaz russe, la dernière route des Nenets

In the heart of the Arctic, the Yamal peninsula is the world’s largest gas exploitation zone, a symbol of Russia’s energy hyperpower, which caused the appetite of oil corporations. But the Yamal peninsula is also the ancestral home of the Nenets, who have been pasturing here with their droves for over 200 generations. Every year the nomads undertake a journey of 1500 km. But for how much longer can they survive? Today in Yamal, pastures have given way to gas fields. Growing towns, a railway, an airport, the deep scars on the landscape caused by extraction of gas and oil, and the new nuclear-powered icebreakers, which will create busy shipping lanes in the Arctic, are all changing the local ecosystem. With the industry dramatically modifying the landscape, accelerating the effects of global warming, the Nenets way of life is under threat. The documentary gives a unique insight into a vanishing way of life, enhanced by stunning aerial footage, and rare access to an extraordinary people.


Aug 14, 2023

Robert De Niro: Hiding in the Spotlight

Robert De Niro: Hiding in the Spotlight (2023)

Robert De Niro, l'arme du silence

Robert De Niro is famous for his award-winning portrayals of gangsters, criminals and socially disturbed men who show surprising traces of vulnerability. By analyzing his astonishing roles in iconic films through the years, the documentary reveal the complex actor behind these extreme characters. Because the public knows little about the man who is largely silent about his own life and emotions, this film tries to unwraps one of the most fascinating and enigmatic American actors of all time for the audience. For this the filmakers use clips from his feature films, archive footage of his sparse interviews and probe into his background to illustrate De Niro’s methods for becoming the characters he plays and the reasons he’s able to do so. All of this culminates in a rare exposé of the genesis of the hidden pain that enables the masterful actor to bring such intensity to the big screen.


Jun 18, 2023

The Enigmatic Charlotte Rampling

The Enigmatic Charlotte Rampling (2023)

L'Énigme Charlotte Rampling

Screen icon Charlotte Rampling has fascinated the world of cinema, fashion and photography with her mysterious and almost inaccessible beauty. A major figure in genre and auteur films, she is unclassifiable: between presence and absence, shyness and audacity, she's always hypnotic, magnetic and fascinating. From her film debut in the mid-1960s in England, to her unconventional career path, through the tragic loss suicide of her older sister that will irremediably mark her acting, this film is a dive into the existential quest of a complex actress, whose every facet is discovered through her roles. Through a conversation with the actress herself, along with personal archives and extracts from her films, this documentary raws a dazzling portrait of her life and career.


Jun 11, 2023

Paul Newman: The Restless

Paul Newman: The Restless (2023)

Paul Newman, l'intranquille

Multi-talented, Paul Newman is one of the greatest American actors of all time. With his silhouette of a Greek statue and his unreal blue eyes, he embodied the quintessential Hollywood star. But he never seemed satisfied. The son of a Jewish sporting goods retailer who despises him and a Catholic mother who adores him, driven by self-doubt and an inherited need for approval from his childhood, he has worked throughout his fifty-year career to break the image of the pretty boy. He made his first experiences in the famous Actors Studio. The breakthrough as a screen star came in 1958 with "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". From then on he preferred characters on the edge of the American dream. With archive images and film excerpts, the documentary paints a portrait of a socio-politically committed man with many facets and also pays tribute to the role of his wife Joanne Woodward.


Apr 11, 2023

The Taste of Things

The Taste of Things (2023)

ตำรับรัก ยอดคนก้นครัว

โดแดง (มากิเมล) ผู้ได้รับขนานนามว่านโปเลียนแห่งศาสตร์กระยาหาร และอูชินี่ (จูเลียต) แม่ครัวคู่ใจที่ปรุงอาหารด้วยกันมากว่า 20 ปี ความสัมพันธ์ของทั้งสองเบ่งบานทั้งใน และนอกครัว จนวันหนึ่งการมาเยือนของเจ้าชายแห่งยูเรเซีย ผู้มาท้าดวลพร้อมกับพ่อครัวคู่ใจ และการป่วยลึกลับของอูชินี่ ที่อาจแยกทั้งสองจากกัน


Feb 28, 2023

Françoise d'Eaubonne: une épopée écoféministe

In the 1970s, Françoise d'Eaubonne stood out in the French intellectual landscape. At 50, she has already won several literary prizes and published around forty novels and essays, but is resuming her militant fight with renewed vigor. She is the first to define ecofeminism, denouncing the common oppression of women and the planet as a consequence of patriarchy. She participated in the actions of the MLF (Women's Liberation Movement), in the creation of the FHAR (Homosexual Revolutionary Action Front) and theorized counter-violence, going so far as to sabotage the construction site of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant. This film presents unpublished documents for the first time. Drawing freely from the manuscripts and photographic archives that she bequeathed to the Memory Institute for Contemporary Publishing, her relatives and researchers, historians and publishers comment on the resonance of her feminist and ecological heritage.


Feb 22, 2023

A Great Friend

A Great Friend (2023)

Les Choses simples

Vincent is a famous successful entrepreneur. One day, a car breakdown on a mountain road temporarily interrupts his frantic lifestyle. Pierre, who lives apart from the modern world in the middle of sublime nature, comes to his aid and offers him his hospitality. The meeting between these two men, who are opposites will upset their respective beliefs and they will find themselves laughing. The question is...deep down, are they really each living the lives they want to live?


Mar 16, 2022

Our Bodies Are Your Battlefields

Our Bodies Are Your Battlefields (2022)

Nos corps sont vos champs de bataille

In an Argentina divided between a deep conservatism and an unprecedented momentum in feminism, the film delves into the political journey and intimate lives of Claudia and Violeta. Trans women who identify as transvestites, the fight they lead with their comrades against the patriarchal violence is visceral and embodied. Convinced of their roles at the center of an ongoing revolution that intersects with so many struggles, in defiance of the old world they redouble their energy to invent a new present, to love and stay alive.


Nov 7, 2021

Frantz Fanon, trajectoire d'un révolté

Frantz Fanon alone embodies all the issues of French colonial history. Martinican resistance fighter, he enlisted, like millions of colonial soldiers, in the Free Army out of loyalty to France and the idea of freedom that it embodies for him. A writer, he participated in the bubbling life of Saint-Germain with Césaire, Senghor and Sartre, debating tirelessly on the destiny of colonized peoples. As a doctor, he revolutionized the practice of psychiatry, seeking in the relations of domination of colonial societies the foundations of the pathologies of his patients in Blida. Activist, he brings together through his action and his history of him, the anger of peoples crushed by centuries of colonial oppression. But beyond this exceptional journey which makes sensitive the permanence of French colonialism in the Lesser Antilles at the gates of the Algerian desert, he leaves an incomparable body of work which has made him today one of the most studied French authors across the Atlantic.


Sep 17, 2021

Lou's Neighbour

Lou's Neighbour (2021)

Le Voisin de Lou

Vladimir, 15-years-old, is secretly in love with his neighbour Lou. When Lou decides to leave her home to move in with her boyfriend – a man ten years older than her – Vladimir tries to put his jealousy aside to help her.


Feb 29, 2020

Cocteau - Al Brown: the Poet and the Boxer

Cocteau - Al Brown: the Poet and the Boxer (2020)

Cocteau - Al Brown: le poète et le boxeur

Portrait of Panama Al Brown, a great boxer in the 30's, and its story with France, with a focus on its relationship with Jean Cocteau, surrealist, poet, director, artist.


Jan 23, 2020

Prehistoric Worlds

Five times, Earth has faced apocalyptic events that swept nearly all life from the face of the planet. What did these prehistoric creatures look like? What catastrophes caused their disappearance? And how did our distant ancestors survive and give rise to the world we know today?


Oct 20, 2019

Fantastic Mr. Murray

Fantastic Mr. Murray (2019)

Le fantastique Mr Murray

Bill Murray is considered by many of his fans to be "the coolest man in the world". But how is it that this actor, who for a long time did little more than a few weird performances with strangers and crazy improvisations on TV shows, is now better known than many of his fellow actors with far more impressive filmographies? Although the film "Groundhog Day" was published a quarter of a century ago, the cult surrounding the American improvisational talent has never died down and is now becoming almost irrational. The documentary, peppered with interviews from companions and confidants, follows in Murray's footsteps and tries to fathom where the unique fascination for this man comes from. Starting with the theater in his hometown of Chicago, to the TV shows of the satirical magazine "National Lampoon" and the legendary comedy show "Saturday Night Live" to his checkered film career.


Dec 20, 2018

This Magnificent Cake!

This Magnificent Cake! (2018)

Ce magnifique gâteau!

In 1885, Africa is a succulent cake destined to be wildly divided and everyone wants a piece. A disturbed European king, a Pygmy working in a luxury hotel, a successful but lonely businessman, an enslaved porter, a young army deserter, a ghostly clarinetist. Some benefit from colonialism and greed. Others suffer racism and violence.


Dec 12, 2018

Remi, Nobody's Boy

Remi, Nobody's Boy (2018)

เรมี่ หนุ่มน้อยเสียงมหัศจรรย์

“เรมี” หนูน้อยวัย 10 ขวบที่ใช้ชีวิตอย่างมีความสุขในอ้อมกอดของแม่บุญธรรม จนกระทั่งวันหนึ่งเขาโดนบังคับพาตัวไปอยู่สถานเลี้ยงเด็กกำพร้าโดยที่เรมี่ไม่ยอม แต่แล้วศิลปินข้างถนนนามว่า “วิตาลีส์” ได้ก้าวเข้ามาช่วยเหลือและขอเช่าตัวเรมี่เพื่อพาออกเดินทางไปยังสถานที่ต่างๆ และนั่นคือจุดเริ่มต้นของการผจญภัยสุดยิ่งใหญ่ที่ทำให้เขาได้เรียนรู้พรสวรรค์ที่ซุกซ่อนอยู่ และเปลี่ยนชีวิตของเขาไปตลอดกาล


Nov 22, 2018

By the End of the Night

Karim, 30, drives every night. One day at dawn, he drives his last client - a foreign artist, the same age than him. Karim feels irresistibly attracted towards this young man. What he feels will start questioning who he thought he was.


Sep 6, 2018

Ulysse & Mona

Ulysses, a secluded artist who mysteriously retired a few years ago, meets Mona, a young art student full of life. The encounter will change them both.


May 9, 2018

Mr. Know-It-All

Mr. Know-It-All (2018)

Monsieur je-sais-tout

A football coach afraid of commitment has to take care of his nephew with Asperger's Syndrome.


Nov 15, 2017

Simon & Théodore

Simon & Théodore (2017)

Simon et Théodore

Simon is about to become a father. But how can this unusual young man take care of his baby when he can't take care of himself? His encounter with Théodore, an endearing and cantankerous teen raised by his single mom, will seriously upend his... uncertainties. During a single night, while Simon's wife and Théodore's mother will form a common front, the two rebels set out on a crazy quest... toward accepting themselves.