Zentropa Productions 2


Dec 2, 2023

To alen, ét stykke


Aug 11, 2021

Larger Than Life

Tobias Rahim is a busy man, but when his best friend calls to calm his fear of death, the musician naturally takes the time to help. The conversation quickly develops into a talk about life and the afterlife.


May 28, 2021

Gym Party


Feb 19, 2021


After discovering a rumor has been spread about her, Pernille agrees to confront the girl suspected to be behind it at a party, but the situation quickly escalates and Pernille feels pressured into actions that cannot be undone.


Sep 19, 2019

Crocodile Tears

Crocodile Tears (2019)


After 20 years of no contact, the Norwegian Dancer Øyvind is invited to Denmark to visit his old father and his new girlfriend in their isolated farmhouse, but nothing turns out as Øyvind expects.


Jan 19, 2016

The Boy in the Ocean

The 12-year-old German boy, Mathias, discovers his sexuality on a sailing boat in Denmark. Surrounded by water, trapped on the boat with his parents, who still treat him like a child, his desire is to get on land to have new experiences.


Jan 1, 2012

Young girl meets old man, both in search of love and marked from life. They start to seduce one another with the game. They have a ping pong going on. Everybody wants love but when they stand in front of someone or something that could be that love, they screw it up, because they are too young, too busy, too naive, too afraid or because of many other reasons and instead of going for it and try it they end up not taking a chance and ends up with nothing. And they start all over.