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Aug 18, 2023

Dead Shot

In the 1970s, a member of the IRA takes over an Active Service Unit in London after his wife is accidentally shot dead in Ireland. The unit's mission is to cause chaos and destruction, while his personal aim is to hunt down his wife’s killer — an SAS captain, who is also hunting him.


Mar 16, 2023

Sep 29, 2022


Dry (2022)


In Rome it hasn’t rained for three years and the lack of water is overturning rules and habits. Through the city dying of thirst and prohibitions moves a chorus of people, young and old, marginalised and successful, victims and profiteers. Their lives are linked in a single design, while each seeks his or her deliverance.


Sep 12, 2022

The Hanging Sun

On the run from his former employer, a reluctant hitman seeks refuge in an isolated village where he is faced with events that test the true nature of his conscience.


Jul 14, 2022

Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank

Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank (2022)

อุ้งเท้าพิโรธ ตำนานของแฮ้งค์

เมื่อสุนัขตกอับกลายมาเป็นฮีโร่ในเมืองแมว เรื่องราวสนุก ๆ จึงเกิดขึ้น


Jan 14, 2022

Save the Cinema

The true story of Liz Evans, a hairdresser and leader of a youth theatre in Carmarthen, Wales, who began a campaign in 1993 to save the Lyric theatre from closure. Alongside then Mayor of Carmarthen Richard Goodridge, they enlisted the help of Steven Spielberg, securing a special premiere of Jurassic Park.


Dec 30, 2021

The Legend of the Christmas Witch: The Origins

The Legend of the Christmas Witch: The Origins (2021)

La befana vien di notte 2 - Le origini

18th century. Paola, a young, reckless street urchin inadvertently gets in the way of the plans of terrifying Baron De Michelis, a small and mean hunchback always escorted by his trusted (and abused) minion Marmotta, with an unquenchable thirst for power and an unmeasurable hate for witches. The intervention of the sweet and powerful Dolores, a good witch who has devoted her life to children, saves Paola from being burned at the stake. Through a magical apprenticeship, breakneck pursuits, incredible transformations and a whole lot of trouble, Paola will discover that fate has something really special in store for her… And so the legend begins.


Dec 10, 2021

A Christmas Number One

Meg, a music manager, travels from New York to London to manage a boy band, Five Together, and find them a Christmas number one to bolster their flagging career. She finds a song on the internet posted by an ailing thirteen-year-old girl, Nina, and tries to obtain permission to have the song re-recorded by Five Together, but she discovers she has competition from the songwriter, Nina’s uncle Blake. What follows is a romantic comedy about two worlds colliding – with a young woman at the centre who desperately wants her uncle to find love and for his song to hit the number one spot by Christmas Day.


Nov 11, 2021


Camilla is a successful attorney in her forties who accidentally causes the death of an undocumented migrant. At first, she is only interested in exonerating herself, but soon a feeling of responsibility starts nagging her: the dead body of a young man is lying in the morgue because their destinies fatally crossed. Camilla is used to shielding herself from pain, and she is incapable of really caring, even for her own daughter. In the midst of discovering the victim’s identity, she meets Bruno, the head of the morgue, who seems to be the only one who can truly understand her. The investigation she pursues will take her far from her surroundings until she will be forced to question herself, her unresolved past, and the life she really wants to live.


Sep 10, 2021

Lovely Boy

Nic, also called "Lovely Boy", is the rising star of the roman suburbs. Tattoos and pure talent, he creates the XXG with his friend Borneo, a music duo that is headed straight to the top. Nic is then sucked into a spiral of self-destruction, which will lead him to a breaking point: he will soon have to deal with himself.


Aug 14, 2021

Like a Cat on a Highway 2

Like a Cat on a Highway 2 (2021)

Come un gatto in tangenziale - Ritorno a Coccia di Morto

Three years after her relationship with Giovanni, Monica is in prison and has to ask his ex for help.


Dec 25, 2020

Tutti per 1 - 1 per tutti

Now without Aramis, the Musketeers embark on a new mission.


Jan 30, 2020

I Hate Summer

Three families end up in the same rented house. Throughout the summer, they become friends and rediscover how to enjoy life.


Jan 1, 2020

Tolo Tolo

Checco is a young Apulian entrepreneur dreamer who has opened a sushi restaurant in his Apulia. However, after one month, the restaurant went bankrupt and he chose to emigrate to Africa to escape from debt. Here he adapts to being a waiter in a resort in Kenya, but at the outbreak of a civil war he decides to embark on a stowaway trip on a boat for migrants to Europe and chooses to do it with his African friends. However, he would not like to return to Italy, but rather to go to Liechtenstein where banking secrecy is in force and there is a lower tax burden than in Italy.


Dec 12, 2019

Once Upon a Time in Bethlehem

A thief and a priest end up magically transported in the year 0's Palestine, where they'll have to make sure that the Nativity will follow its course.


Nov 24, 2019



Jul 18, 2019

Mar 7, 2019

C'è tempo

After the death of his estranged father, professional rainbow-watcher Stefano finds out he has a 13-year-old half-brother, and that he must become his legal guardian to receive the inheritance.


Feb 28, 2019

Tomorrow's a New Day

Tomorrow's a New Day (2019)

Domani è un altro giorno

When theatre actor Giuliano receives an unexpected visit from his childhood friend Tommasso, the encounter is bittersweet. This reunion is their first meeting in many years, triggered by Giuliano’s failing health and his decision to forgo treatment. Instead he is focussed on putting his affairs in order: distributing possessions, reconciling past disputes, and, most importantly, finding a home for his beloved canine, Pato. Over four days, the two men walk the streets of Rome, visiting bookshops, restaurants, veterinarians and friends, examining their lives and speculating on what the future holds.